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Sliding Scale, Low and No Cost Counselling Services in Metro Vancouver

List of Low Cost, Sliding Scale (negotiable), or No Cost Counselling Services in Metro Vancouver

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Family Services of Greater Vancouver (FSGV) 

To ask about counselling services, call 604-874-2938 or email us here.

Childhood Trauma Counselling for Adults:
VISAC and TASA Programs

Our VISAC program in Vancouver and TASA program in Richmond help people dealing with the effects of childhood trauma and/or sexual abuse.
These programs help people develop their self-awareness, self-protection, self-soothing, emotional regulation, somatic healing, and spiritual growth.

Childhood Trauma Counselling for Pregnant Women:
Healthy Connections — You and Your Baby Program

Our Healthy Connections — You and Your Baby program in Vancouver helps pregnant women to work through trauma-related issues that can interfere with their ability to parent their children. This prenatal program is designed to begin as early in the pregnancy as possible and to continue after birth for up to three years. Learn more about Healthy Connections by watching this six minute video.

In Vancouver:

Family Services of Greater Vancouver
1638 E Broadway (at Commercial Drive)

In Richmond:

The Caring Place
250 – 7000 Minoru Blvd, Richmond BC
General counselling inquiries

Techniques for Grounding and Calming Ourselves

There are some simple techniques we can use to help ground and calm ourselves when our bodies are feeling triggered and our central nervous system is around and we don't feel safe. 

Two Simple Techniques That Can Help Trauma Patients Feel Safe with Peter Levine
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